Attia Building Facade Improvement

Part of Jasper Avenue’s revitalization in the works

The building now known as the Attia Building was originally constructed in 1960 and had remained largely untouched until now. Since purchasing the building in 2017, the Attias began a journey to transform their quaint little two-storey walk-up office building into something a little bit more modern and up-to-date. Work went into redoing the stairwells, the hallways, the washrooms—a replacement of the roof began last fall—and then it was time to give the entire building a face-lift. PRIMAVERA has been working with Next Architecture and Synergy/Synero to come up with and implement a facade improvement that would align the building with the City’s Jasper Avenue Revitalization project. The previous awnings have been done away with which will allow Next’s vision of a sleek new building facade done with elements of copper, black and white to really shine.